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The People's Inauguration

We are in a moment of transition.  What will we do? 

One response offered is the People's Inauguration. Here's what its organizers say:

"There’s a powerful story in the Book of Nehemiah (chapters 9 and 10) about a time of national division and defeat. The people came together and did two powerful things. First, they confessed their faults. They took responsibility for their national problems and didn’t just blame someone else. Second, they made a commitment to be different going forward.

The leaders went first in making that commitment publicly. But it wasn’t enough for the leaders to do so. The people joined them, whatever their profession, wealth, or status. That story reminds us that we the people can’t expect leaders to fix everything alone; we need good and wise leaders, but we also need to be good and wise citizens.

In that spirit, we invite all followers of Jesus and their communities to participate in the People’s Inauguration on January 21 2021."  (The People's Inauguration:  Template for Christians)

Take the People's Inaugural Oath and commit to being a part of bringing healing and wholeness to our world.

The Oath
Slowly place your right hand on your heart.
Then slowly bring your left hand up to join it.
Speak the following.

“I, ____________,
do solemnly vow
that I will faithfully execute my role
in healing, reimagining, and rebuilding our country,
and will to the best of my ability,
preserve, protect, and defend
dignity, justice, truth, wonder and joy
for myself and for all around me,
and that I will do so with love.”  

Accountability is important so have a witness to your oath or if you are feeling ready to be publicly committed, video yourself taking the oath and send it to us so that we can post it on our website or make a montage of oath takers to use in worship or on social media. 

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