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Rainbow Café Morris (RCM) was created in response to an expressed need for a safe space for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning, asexual, fluid and pansexual teens and their allies to gather for fun and affirmation.  It was created with the help of supportive parents and community volunteers. 


RCM holds monthly events ranging from speakers on LGBTQ topics to open-mic nights and movie nights.  There are also dances, service projects, game nights, jewelry making nights and time to just kick back and discuss topics of special interest to the teens. 


Teens of any faith tradition or none at all are welcome to be part of the group.  There is no religious teaching, just a warm welcome for each teen and encouragement to discover and celebrate who they are.  Teens enjoy building relationships and learning from one another in a safe environment with vetted adult supervision.


To learn more, sign-up to receive monthly emails on upcoming events at or call Debra at 973-334-6500.

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