GLOW (God’s Little Outreach Workers) and Supper Club

Two special Faith Formation activities are GLOW, for 1st- 3rd graders, and Supper Club for 4th-5th graders. GLOW is God’s Little Outreach Workers who meet monthly to do a fun service project. During Easter, the children went on an Easter hunt to find their Easter challenge! Each child was challenged to do something wonderful for someone else. Their eggs contained notes with ideas like: donating to our garage sale, sticking a fun note into a library book before you return it, leaving a dollar in the toy section of the dollar store or even attaching a “random kindness” note to a flower and leaving it on windshields!

Supper Club meets monthly, and is a chance for fun, food, and conversation. Recently, they went on a scavenger hunt throughout the building!

All 1st-5th graders are invited to these fun Faith Formation events!